(Editorial Diary) Vol 01-2019-01-02



Journal: i TECH MAG (Editorial Diary)
Author: Ahmed Dabwan, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
DOI: 10.26480/itechmag.01.2019.01.02

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Biomass fires occur whenever there is enough heat applied to organic fuel with the presence of oxygen. Smoke haze is caused by vegetation and peat-swamp fires to produce major concern for its negative impact on regional air quality and health. Burning in palm oil plantations causes haze in populated cities in Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore. Smog and particulate air pollution over Southeast Asian large cities mostly come from peat-swamp fires from Indonesia. The large emissions of smoke from central and southern Sumatra and Kalimantan that cause air quality issues in Singapore are coincident with ongoing deforestation and expansion of oil palm. The rates of forest cover destruction by 1.45 million hectares per year during 2000-2010 were contributed largely with the appearance of oil palm plantations. The expansion of large-scale oil palm plantations, which have been associated with the use of fire for land clearing activities has been pointed out as the key driver of future fires.

Pages 01-02
Year 2019
Volume 1