(Research Article) Vol 4-2022-52-55



Journal: i TECH MAG (Research Article)
Author: Khemraj Upadhyaya Ghodasaini, Homnath Ghimire
DOI: 10.26480/itechmag.04.2022.52.55

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY 4.0, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Seed is the basic unit of production in agriculture. Without seed the existence of living being in earth is not possible. These seed if viable, under favourable condition grown into green plants. These green plants are the only producer of the planet on which all creatures depend upon. So, seeds are the major element for production, from which other consumers can survive. So, for the human survival we need high yield from optimum input. Seeds are major factor in which yield mostly depend upon. Hence selection of seed must be done with proper study. A viable, pure seed free from disease and pest, having high genetic potential must be selected and sown in its suitable agro climatic condition at its seasonal time for the expected yield. Quality seeds have different parameters like good germination, enough moisture, high physical and physiological purity, disease and pest free. So that quality seed has higher capacity of greater crop stand and production. In context of Nepal, many people are affected from food insecurity. Production of agricultural product has comparatively lowered. Nepal is insufficient in production. So the present production is not able to meet the food demand of existing population. Hence, to increase the fulfilment of food demand of existing population, production and distribution of quality seed is* required. Many agricultural operations are done to help the plant for its better performance such that the risk in yield loss is minimized. Seed with high yield, disease resistance and moisture/drought tolerating capacity must be preserved. These characters are needed for other future research works so, whether its wild or domesticated species, these character bearing seed must be conserved in seed banks. A country can become self-sufficient, and food secured with the application of quality seed on production technology, building of cold store in different regions for storage and prevention of post harvest loss and finally making food accessible to everyone.

Pages 52-55
Year 2022
Volume 4