(S&T Review) Vol 2-2020-04-06



Journal: i TECH MAG (S&T Review)
Author: Adil Hakeem Khan
DOI: 10.26480/itechmag.02.2020.04.06

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Whole World is going through with very tough times as WHO declares COVID 19 a Pandemic Disease. Now this is a time when there is a need of Shared Solution for COVID 19 at World Wide level out of the Copyright and Patent, looking at the trend of the virus that is going on, It seems that it is not a general virus that is changing its trend according to the condition of the Country, every Country has its own environment, every Country has its own geographical structure, a country with a more heated environment, Some countries with a warmer environment and some of the countries are cold , Not either of the Country is too hot, but this virus is showing its impact World Wide, if there is a lock down in a country, it has a lot of impact, but some of the Countries has a lot of influence, so it supports the formula that the gene needs to be linked with the environment and now a new question is created here. Is there a number of Adaptations or Optimizations in this Virus? And if this is the kind of a thing in it, then what can happen in the natural virus? Or can the virus in the lab have adaptation or optimization? It is a question that makes Virology more empowered, which requires more study or study, so from the very beginning we have been a little weak in terms of viruses, whether it is the VIRUS of SARS or AIDS and now the Covid-19 virus , the way the virus is trending, it is thinking that if it is showing the action of adaptation, then if it is showing the action of adaptation. It will also see a change in the composition of the process of adaptation of the people in which any human or micro-organism must change something to reconcile with the environment around it, So that it can survive to adapt to the environment if the media report is taking the people into effect from many of the many feet away, then there is a need to make a study of the virus and its adaptation, and then the question arises, does the vaccine being made by any country can be applied to other countries also , While we know that the virus is a way to adjust to the adaptation or environment?

Pages 04-06
Year 2020
Volume 2